He King Felipe VI, resists his wife’s wishes Queen Letizia, so that none of your family members currently live in Operetta. However, there is an aunt that the King of Spain refuses to kick out under any circumstances, despite the fact that his wife does not agree with his position.

As a result of all the corruption scandals that dirty the family of Felipe VI, his wife Letizia has taken drastic measures aimed at protecting her husband and daughters, the princess eleanor and the Infanta Sofia.

Given this scenario, Letizia does not want any of her husband’s relatives to live in Zarzuela. However, she Queen Sofia and her sister, also known as the ‘Tia Pecu’, they remain rooted and live in the royal house, as the King is unwilling to throw his beloved aunt and mother out of their home.

irene from greece He is one of the most beloved people in the Spanish monarchy, She has been present in numerous circumstances and for this reason, King Felipe VI does not want her to leave Zarzuela.

The two sisters live together in the same room, since the emeritus discovered the infidelities of the emeritus King Juan Carlos I, They never slept in the same room again and she has only strengthened her relationship with her beloved sister.

No matter what happens, he King Felipe VI he will always have his aunt Pecu in Operetta, although the Queen Letizia I don’t quite agree with his relatives continuing to live in the palace.