In recent weeks, a great controversy has been generated in the British crown due to the alleged infidelity of Prince William towards his wife Kate Middleton. It is rumored that the heir to the throne would have had an extramarital relationship with the model Rose Hanburyformer friend of the Princess of Wales.

However, the situation has been further complicated by recent reports of a Valentine’s dinner between the prince and his lover, who has mysteriously disappeared from the British media. Many wonder on social networks if the royal family has had anything to do to avoid any situation that could overshadow the next coronation of the King Charles III.

It is speculated that from the crown they could have accessed the “superinjunction”, which is a legal tool that serves as a “muzzle” to prevent the media from disclosing certain types of information. This fact has generated all kinds of conjectures on social networks, where thousands of users express their opinions about it and affirm that the royal family has done this to prevent infidelity from coming to light.

The alleged infidelity of prince william has caused quite a stir in public opinion, especially with regard to the situation of Kate Middleton. According to rumors, the Princess of Wales would have suffered two betrayals at the same time, which makes the situation even more complex and delicate for the British royal family.

For this reason, the disappearance of data on Valentine’s dinner from the prince william with her lover has aroused all kinds of hypotheses and speculations, at a time of great tension and controversy for the British crown.