He King Charles III has been embroiled in numerous scandals about his family in the Buckingham Palaceand without this being enough, the leader of the english monarchy has decided to interfere in the politics of the United Kingdom.

Lately, the british royal house It has been affected by the numerous comments and criticisms it has received from all over the world, and it is not for less, since all the members of the royal family are involved in different types of controversial that complement each other, rooting the problem in the family center.

To complete the situation, King Carlos III has decided interfere with the decisions in politics, giving his opinion on the current treaties of the European Union, for which he has been accused of getting into where he has not been called, and that is that in his term as monarch, he has not been able to maintain even your family under control.

It has already made it clear to the English that it is not used to bring order to things, much less would it control the country’s political decisions, which are currently made by the British Prime Minister.

Many Englishmen have shown their nonconformity with just the idea of ​​having to put up with the whims of royalty within the politics that actually governs them, and you’ve seen comments like “King Charles must remember that he is primarily a public figure, his views on Brexit are irrelevant«. Making it clear that they do not want it at all, where it would directly affect the citizens English.