the revenge of king charles towards his son prince harry and his wife, the renowned actress Meghan Marklehas started in the cruelest way that the media would have expected.

Previously, it would have been mentioned that the monarch was looking for a reconciliation with his son, after his forceful statements criticizing the unfair and racist actions of several members of royalty, when he confirmed his relationship with the actress Meghan.

But now, with this attack on his own eldest son, all the details of their possible reconciliation have been buried. And contrary to having a good ending, it could be the trigger for another strong controversy against the Monarchy british.

King Carlos III had no fear of expelling the fruit of his love with the princess Diana, from their only remaining property in the UK. Prince Harry was recently evicted from the cabin of Frogmore Cottageaccording to close sources, so that he finally ends his life in USA.

But the followers recognize that this is not a sufficient fact for the king to have made the drastic decision, and they agree by affirming that it would be part of the revenge that he has initiated, for revealing secrets never before seen in royalty, and that they It has cost her popularity.

Another of the reasons for acting is so that the the prince Andrewbrother of the monarch, can now make use of the cabin, according to the life he would be leading after being removed from the public activities of the British monarchy.

The truth for the British people is that behind everything, the revenge plan has begun and they have wanted to cover it up with reasons of vague content.