The controversies that exist within the British royal family, will not culminate in a long time, since the King Charles III is moving cunning cards whose sole purpose is to definitively expel his son the prince harry and his wife, the American actress Meghan Markle, of the british monarchy and its benefits.

Several sources close to the British Monarchy are affirming that the King Carlos III has his gaze fixed on a goal: to expel his son definitively Harry and his wife Meghan of the royal family, after all the accusations that Dukes of Sussex they have done against the crown.

To carry out this plan, the son of the deceased Queen isabel II He did the first procedure, which was the recent expulsion of his brother, the Prince Andrew, of the monarchy and all its rights. This has been done after the serious accusations that the Duke of York has had for sexual abuse and the alleged links he had with the pedophilia case of Jeffrey Epstein.

A source revealed to the renowned British newspaper the sun the next:

“Any presence in the palace is officially over. King Carlos III made it clear. He is not a working royal. He is alone “.

The news of the expulsion of the Duke of York has set off alarms within royalty, since it is said that the real reason for Charles III to expel his brother, it was to clear the way to definitively deprive his youngest son, his grandchildren and his daughter-in-law of all rights.

Several foreign media were criticizing Carlos III for not taking action against his brother and yes against his son. But now it seems that he has finally made the first big step so that he can calmly expel his son.

The premiere of the documentary series prince harry Y Meghan Markle on the platform of Netflix, It would be the final trigger that has made the new king fill his patience, who has seen how his youngest son has exposed the most intimate secrets of his crown and his entire family.

And you, what do you think of the plans of the King Charles III of United Kingdom?