The scandalous plans that the King Charles III of the United Kingdom is doing for his official coronation, they have taken a new and even more controversial course. And it is that now, it has been announced that his wife Camilla Parker, It will be a “legitimate Queen”, and not a “Queen Consort”, as the husbands of the monarch are called. The decision has caused repudiation in the British public.

The official coronation of Carlos III how the new monarch of the United Kingdom is approaching, and May 6 is the scheduled date for this historic event, which has not been celebrated for more than 70 years, when the already deceased Queen isabel II she became the monarch after the death of her father.

But now, and according to the King’s desperate attempts to have his wife fully accepted by the public, would be planning to give a status of legitimate Queen to Stretcher, something that has not gone down well with millions of people, who claim to be very much against this decision.

However, for his wife, this means glory and what she had longed for for many years, even when she was Carlos’s lover while he was married to the deceased. Princess Diana of Welsh.

Although his excitement and his plans are being carried out, the support and acceptance of the public is still very mixed. And now, numerous royal experts affirm that this decision to put Camilla Parker at the top of the monarchy, would only produce catastrophic consequences for the entire crown.

In the meantime, the monarch could sit down and think very well before making this scandalous decision, which would not only upset his people, but also his children, the princes william and Harry and the other members of the British royal family.

And you, do you agree with the plans that the King Charles III to name Queen Camilla Parker ?