The member of the royal family that has received the most attention lately is the youngest son of the King Carlos III, and now it seems that their father and son relationship will see the light again.

If he prince harry Y Meghan Markle they were not received in the Palace from Buckingham with the doors open and held discussions with the royal family before the premiere of their Netflix documentary series Harry Y Megan, Now with the arrival of the series on the platform, the current state of the family definitely worsened and it was not for the better.

There have been a lot of speculations and reports about how the royals feel after the release of the series, especially after so many secrets were revealed that the royals wanted to keep private.

Most of the royals have made a deliberate collective decision not to respond to all the allegations made in the series. Harry Y Megan, But for all the drama that dominates the narrative of Prince Harry’s relationship with his family, there seems to be a slim chance that the broken relationship will be mended.

New reports indicate that the King Charles III is considering embracing his youngest son and repairing the relationship despite the current tensions, according to the royal reporter Rebecca English, there will always be the possibility of a reconciliation of father and son and the King Charles III has chosen to leave a sign of peace between himself and the prince harry.

Prince Harry made it clear to them on the show that his relationship with certain family members had become more complicated, but, Rebecca revealed that even after he and his wife have made so many things public in the series, King Carlos III “you will always keep the door open for your child«.

Of course, we don’t know if that door will be open for Meghan Markle, because it was previously reported that Meghan suffered a type of racism from the current King and the deceased Queen Isabel, There is also a rumor that the prince harry He is the one who goes to look for the entrance to the palace, instead of his father inviting him.