It seems that the revenge of the King Charles III against his youngest son prince harry and his wife, the American actress Meghan Markle, it is running silently. And it is that the monarch, has proceeded to take away from the Dukes of Sussex their royal residences, just at the time when the couple is going through a severe financial crisis.

Although there were many people who believed that Carlos III was not going to retaliate against his youngest son and his daughter-in-law, reality has come across something completely different and very cruel for the dukes.

The monarch has not hesitated to strip his royal residence in the United Kingdom to Harry and Meghan. This would originate because of the harsh attacks that both have made against the british Royalty, same that they consider more like “an institution instead of a family”.

The media have been very aware of other possible actions that the eldest son of the deceased Queen isabel II take against your youngest son. But until now, it is known that the decision that Carlos III has taken is to benefit his younger brother, the Prince Andrew, same that is in a scandal of alleged sexual abuse towards a minor of 17 years.

And you, what do you think is the next measures that the King Charles III take against the prince harry and of Meghan Markle?