The The prince Harry and the King Charles III They had a heated argument the day the woman died. Queen isabel II. This has been revealed by himself Duke of Sussex in his new book, where he also revealed the reasons for this fight between father and son.

The king Carlos III he would have told harry that his wife meghan was not welcome at the palace balmoral The day Elizabeth II died. Prince Harry wrote in spare that the new monarch of the United Kingdom ordered him not to carry out Meghan Markle to say goodbye to her mother, why would she not be welcome.

Harry, angered by King Charles III’s perceived slight, committed the following to him:,

“never speak of my wife in that way again,” which led King Carlos III to apologize to his son.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle were in London to be present at the ceremony WellChild Awards when the queen’s health deteriorated in her house of Scotland, being September 8 when Queen Elizabeth ll finally passed away.

A spokesman for the royal family confirmed that the couple were to travel to Balmoral, and it was there that the king charles gave direct instructions to the Prince Harry not to take his wife Megan, something that completely outraged the Dukes of Sussex.