The king charles II and the prince harry They have been at odds for a long time, now Lady Diana’s youngest son reveals in his new book that his father made offensive jokes about who his biological father is, all this amid rumors that his biological father was a lover of the Princess Diana.

«the sun» states that the prince harry admitted in his new book Spare that he King Charles III he used to joke about who his real father was, jokes that the Duke of Sussex didn’t find funny at all.

«¿¿Who knows if I’m your real father?» The new book claims that Carlos said that to his son during rumors that Harry was actually the son of “James Hewitt“who was supposedly a lover of Lady Di.

Harry explained that his father joked that a patient at the mental hospital broadmoor, claimed to be the The prince of Welsh, Charles said the patient was so sure of his identity that it led him to question whether he really was the heir to the British throne.

Harry wrote in the book:

He laughed and laughed, even though it was a very silly joke, because at the time it was rumored that my real father was one of my mom’s ex-lovers, the eldest James Hewitt.

The monarch never took the initiative to speak publicly about the rumors of the supposed redheaded lover of Lady Di, because it is known that she met Hewitt after their two children were born.

If Dad had any thoughts about Commander Hewitt, he kept them to himself.

The prince harry He also said that the rumor continued because of Hewitt’s “sadism” and red hair, so it’s something he’s carried with him his whole life, as neither his father nor the royal family came out to deny these rumors.