The King Carlos III, new monarch of the United Kingdom, has infuriated some members of the Royal family, since he will be granting a very special and exclusive title to his granddaughter, the Princess Charlotte. However, what is really the problem is that many do not agree.

Princess Charlotte, second daughter of prince william Y Kate Middleton and only seven years old, would be the new Duchess of Edinburgh Y Eduardo, his older brother, would be losing part of his privileges of this title, something in which several members of royalty would not agree.

The dukedom of that place is vacant since the husband of the Queen isabel II passed away more than two years ago. However, it seems that Carlos III has already found the perfect owner, as reported by the British newspaper Mail on Sunday.

The decision of the King of granting this important title to Charlotte, has not generated the liking of several members of the crown, since the girl will have to adapt to strict rules that could be very demanding for a simple infant.

Once the daughter of the princes of wales obtain the title, she could become a royal princess. But the girl will have to submit to a protocol that could cause several problems and agreements within the family.

Charlotte will have to learn to respect some protocols such as using discreet makeup; place her legs with the knees together, but never crossed. In addition, when she is a woman, she must request the approval of her wedding before King Carlos III and not want to aspire or apply for any type of public office in the United Kingdom or any other country.

And you, do you think it is convenient that the princess charlotte be the new Duchess of Edinburgh?