He King Charles III who will soon be finally crowned as the new monarch of the United Kingdomhas made a change of real names, after reports of marital crisis and separation from the prince william and his wife Kate Middleton.

The new monarch has surprised the British people after making some forceful changes in royal names, less than 2 months before his long-awaited coronation day with his wife the queen consort Camilla Parkerafter the death of the Queen isabel II last year 2022.

In addition to changing the names, the monarch has decided to cut part of the palace staff and reduce the budget of various members of the british monarchyas part of the new rules that will be implemented in your process.

After the rumors that his eldest son, Prince William, has been facing a marital crisis that he has been facing for weeks with the Princess of Wales Kate Middletonhis name has been changed.

Now Prince William was named as earl of chesterin addition to having the honorary names of Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall, because King Charles III was the previous Earl of Chester, but due to his new responsibility he decided to transfer his title to a new person.

Although the prince did not receive the title at the indicated time, clearly due to his rumors of infidelity, finally after six months he has received the new name and his new responsibility.