The prince harry Y Meghan Markle They decided to speak their truth after they made the unexpected decision to step down from their roles as members of the British royal family.

In mid-December it was announced that the prince harry published a book called Spare, which is based on his memoirs, a situation that bothered the royal family a lot, since the Duke of Sussex is going to reveal more details about the monarchy, before this decision, the King Charles III he put a single condition to let him publish the book.

The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex They decided to start telling the secrets when they were invited to several television shows, all this after leaving the British royal family, after rumors of a tense relationship with other members of royalty, including their father, the King Charles III and his brother, the Prince William.

All the controversy began when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex agreed to an interview with Oprah Winfrey to talk not only about their marriage, but also about the abuse they received from the royal family, however, in the Netflix documentary series «Meghan Y Harry», they attacked the British royal family again, a situation that threatened the monarchy, for this reason, the King Charles III he put the prince harry a single condition.

The only condition that King Charles III asked the prince harry to reveal some secrets of the royal family was that in his book he did not mention Camila Parker and thus prevent it from damaging your image as Queen consort.

It is worth mentioning that there are also speculations that the prince harry he will favor his brother William and his wife kate middleton reason why international sources trust that the King Charles III and his team are prepared for all the criticism that will come to light in the book of Duke from Sussex, there are also rumors that the King is preparing everything for the complete expulsion of Harry of the royal family.