In the midst of the heated situation within the British royal family, the King Charles III has chosen to make an important decision that has a clear objective: unite his two children and take advantage of his upcoming official coronation as the new King of the United Kingdom, in order to find a solution to what is happening at the moment.

With three months to go before the historic coronation of King Carlos III as the new monarch of the United Kingdom, the eldest son of the already deceased Queen isabel II He is looking for an alternative that can unite his two children and put an end to the internal fight that exists between them once and for all.

As published by the newspaper Daily Mail, The King has agreed to look for the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Melby to negotiate an agreement with the prince harry Y Meghan Markle ahead of the coronation.

The outlet claims that the King believes that if his son and his American wife do not attend, it would be a greater distraction than their presence at the Westminster Abbey.

“The bottom line is whether they attend the coronation and, if they do, under what terms and conditions. The family is divided, and everything indicates that Harry He is being advised not to accept anything at this stage and to ‘do the rest’ until the last minute, which makes negotiations with him very difficult, “reveals the media.

The newspaper also claimed that the King Carlos III would like to agree on a series of concessions with his son, such as a good seat on the spot or for the couple to keep their royal titles. However, there is a problem that could impede these negotiations.

The prince william he would not agree with his younger brother making an appearance at his father’s coronation. Harry’s Memoir ‘Spare’, he takes direct aim at him, and even makes fun of his noticeable hair loss, questions the way he raises his children, and even criticizes the way he lives.