He King Carlos III, like the British royal family, would be hiding the infidelity that the prince william has done to his wife kate middleton since this type of scandal could harm the image of the monarchy, which is preparing for the official coronation of the new King that will be on May 6.

The drama that lives inside the British royal family and around the rumor of infidelity between Prince William and Kate Middleton, it continues to be a highly controversial topic that is dealt with in the media.

After the princes of wales appeared together in BAFTA Awards 2023, many media began to cover the issue. However, they still claim that the heirs to the British throne remain separate and would have been forced to attend together.

The reasons? The possible concern that King Carlos III has with this scandal, since he believes that another scandal of this level would be very detrimental to the royal family and to the entire monarchy.

The strong statements that Kate said in a flower shop, and where she stated that William was no longer a retailer and that she did not expect any surprises for the day of Valentine’s Day, they continue to sow rumors within the media, especially the British ones.

Added to these statements is the alleged infidelity that the Prince would have committed in the first weeks of this year, this alleged lover being the same one with whom he was seen in 2019; Rose Hanbury.

His controversy with Rose is undoubtedly his darkest moment within royalty, the photographs where both were seen at a private party, caused repudiation in public opinion and caused the English noblewoman to be expelled from any event where she was Princess of Wales was present.

If he King Charles III He is trying to hide this scandal at any rate, his reasons are quite intelligent. However, he also knows that the public eye is already aware of what is happening between the prince william and kate middleton so taking a wrong step could further harm the image of the crown.

And you, what do you think of this enormous controversy?