The King Charles III has decided to announce who will be present at his coronation next May, apparently neither the prince harryneither Meghan Markle they would be present.

The Buckingham Palace had announced that the next coronation of the King Charles III and the Queen Camilla Parkerit will be in a historic ceremony the next May 6, 2023on the westminster abbey, London.

Act where they will become the new monarchs after the death of the Queen isabel II; but the coronation will become something historical, and not because of the event, a series of moments will negatively mark the history of royalty.

A coronation was expected as usual, surrounded by all his family belonging to royalty, but apparently the statements of the prince harryin his book “Spare»will mark a historical milestone, since for the first time a member of royalty and his family will not be present at the great event, by order of the monarch himself.

The Dukes of Sussex They have been eliminated as main members of the event, due to the strong controversies of the prince harry who have left in total silence the british crown.

«Breaking with the tradition of previous coronations, Carlos has ruled out the royal dukes to kneel and pay homage to the new monarch. In this way, only Prince William will play this role. Given this situation, Harry has no role in the coronation service.“, clarified a source.

This fact will undoubtedly mark the history of royalty, since no prince had ever been known to try to embarrass his own family with strong statements.