He King Charles III He has asked the organizers of the event that are executing the details of his coronation, to establish a delicate plan to prevent the prince harry and Meghan Marklethey can carry out their idea of ​​overshadowing the coronation of the king, for which they have been waiting so long.

Much was rumored about whether the prince harry and his wife would be invited to the coronation for the controversial statements with which they had attacked the royal family, and although the king never gave an official statement on the subject, it seems that they are included in the long list of guests.

However, after their invitation they have had to be careful: «They are on the list and planning is underway to ensure the proceedings run as smoothly as possible, without any drama.“, commented a close source.

The plan is focused on Meghan or her husband cannot carry out an act that generates more controversy in the family, likewise it has been requested to prevent the two brothers, the prince william and the prince harrymeet together at the big event.

The closeness of the brothers could generate a hard time at the coronation, as it is not a secret for the British people and the media, that as a result of the attacks of the duke of sussex to his brother in the book”Spare“, he prince william he does not plan reconciliation with him or his wife, let alone having them close.

As it is a subject that the entire royal family knows, they have had to choose to place the two brothers and their wives away from each other, so from now on they carefully plan every detail for the next coronation in the month of May.