The conflict in the royal family continues and the King Charles III has been the protagonist of a controversial moment that includes Prince Harry. Carlos recently visited East London for its 125th anniversary and the opening of a new leading London teaching medical centre, where he was surrounded by the public and some students. One of them asked him to make the prince harry return to the royal family, but was rejected by the eldest son of the Queen Isabel II.

In the middle of the visit, a person approached him and asked him to “make return to The prince Harry“, to which the king responded with humor and said”Who?», and then start laughing with those present.

The incident has raised questions about Harry and Meghan’s attendance at Charles’ Coronation. Some royal experts have suggested that the king may have taken the opportunity to reject his son and show her that he no longer has a place in the Crown.

According to “the sun«The royal family would be preparing a plan for Harry to attend the Coronation without Meghan Markle. It is expected that the The prince Harry travel to England for only 48 hours to attend the Coronation, while Meghan would stay home to celebrate her son Archie’s fourth birthday.

Despite the public rejection of the King Carlos to his son, there is still a slim chance of seeing the Duke of Sussex in England, where he will be present at his father’s Coronation.