He King Charles III has a strange reaction when people question him if there will be a possible return of the prince harry to the British crown, this, after the controversies and attacks generated by the monarch’s youngest eldest son.

Exactly one month after the publication of Prince Harry’s book “Spare«, the controversies and criticism of the royal family and of the prince himself have not ceased, contrary to this, every day the media reveal new details about the «dark secrets» that the duke of sussex wrote in his book, creating new disputes.

However, conversations had been leaked from the King Charles III who claimed to want to have his son back in his family, and excuse him for the attacks he generated.

However, this version could have changed after a young university student asked him if he would bring his son back to the United Kingdom. His reaction notably left the young people and the people who were present very confused.

The young man questions the monarch, who was walking through the halls of the university, “Can you bring Harry back?. The curious reaction of King Charles III It was letting out a big laugh. But, seconds into having her moment of fun, she pointed out that she had misunderstood the question.

Although he made the clarification, the university students could not hide their doubtful gestures, suspecting if the king’s laughter was due to the question, or if he really had a big mistake.