The King Charles III is fearing for the delicate state of his health that could be greatly affected, after the attacks of the prince harry in his new bookSpare«.

The memory book of duke of sussex posted on January 10 It has been a lethal attack on the British crown, since the reports expose different negative aspects that occur inside the palaces, and that the British people were unaware of.

In order to take care of his father’s health, the prince william refrained from commenting, or encouraging a discussion with his brother on prince harryregarding the publication of his book, where he accuses him of having mistreated his physical integrity, and of his wife Meghan Markle.

has been the prince william who is carefully watching his father, fearing that something will happen to him before his coronation, “Guillermo is keeping an eye on King Carlos… His health is an ongoing conversation behind the palace gates“, commented a close source.

«William just can’t comprehend how ruthless and selfish Harry continues to be when he should know that his father is not in the best of health.“added the informant, recalling that the King Charles III He has not been in good health in recent months, having twice had to deal with Covid 19in addition to the swelling in his hands and legs.

The prince william Given this, he has not hidden his anger and admits that he does not want reconciliation with his brother, because in his opinion his actions are clearly due to wanting money and revenge.