King Carlos III has officially evicted his eldest son on prince harryto his wife, the actress Meghan Markle and consequently to the couple’s two children, from their former home.

The controversies that have been generated around the publication of Prince Harry’s book «Spare“, and the episodes generated through the Netflix platform with”harry and meghan«, It has triggered that its future today is negatively altered.

It seems that King Carlos III, who was rumored to want a reconciliation with his son, has thought things better, and decided, due to all the disputes that the duke generated, to remove them from their house where they currently lived and give it to another member of royalty.

Through a statement from the Buckingham Palacethe eviction notice was issued for Prince Harry, Meghan and the two minors from the cabin in Frogmore Cottagefor his defamations towards royalty, and in order to be able to grant it to the prince andrew.

The royals hope that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will finally move completely out of the United Kingdomwith the only house that remained there, and end their lives in USA as they have been doing.

With this revelation, the invitation of the dukes to the next coronation that will take place on May 6 is called into question, and according to a source «This would be the end of Harry and Meghan’s time in the UK«.