He King Charles III He has been very surprised and confused when asked about his son, the prince harry.

For several months the relationship between the prince harry and the King Charles III It has remained fractured, and apparently with no intention of improving, all this due to the controversy that the duke of sussex after revealing very hidden secrets in royalty in his series of Netflixand also in his memoir «Spare«.

However, something that the British people did not expect despite the bad relationship, was that the prince’s father did not recognize him when questioned about him.

The event occurred a day ago when the King Charles III He went out to do his work as he usually does, walking the corridors of a rather cheerful university hospital, until a question from a young university student left him quite nervous.

The monarch was surprised when the student asked him if he would bring Prince Harry to the United Kingdom and his coronation, «Can you bring Harry back?“, to which the monarch limited himself to responding in a restless tone”Who?«.

However, the King Charles III he was funny after having misunderstood the question, and simply preferred not to answer. The monarch chose to continue his tour of the university, observing the hospital training rooms where students receive their training.