The King Charles III of the United Kingdom continues to make changes within the British royal family, and one of those is his plans to permanently expel the prince harry and his wife Meghan Markle of the monarchy, product of all the attacks they have made against each of the members.

The British royal family is already prepared for the new accusations that the Dukes of Sussex they will be doing all year long as the current monarch is executing on an idea that allows him to finally do something he has wanted for a long time.

The plans of King Carlos III are to expel his youngest son and his daughter-in-law, since the attacks that the two of them have carried out have only managed to harm the image of the Royal family despite the fact that many of the accusations do not have evidence to base them on.

The new monarch of United Kingdom it is paving the way to be able to fulfill its mission. The first thing he has done is expel his younger brother, the Prince Andrew, which has accusations of sexual abuse and trafficking of minors.

This step was essential, since he knows very well that if he did not expel his brother from royal duties, the press was going to criticize his position regarding what has happened. But finally, the King has taken the first big step.

Meanwhile, the prince harry prepares to release his book of memories ‘Spire’, which will reach the whole world on January 10th. However, the British press has already accessed various parts of the content and as expected, the royal family will be the victim of harsh accusations, especially directed at the Prince William.

And you, what do you think of the position that the King Charles III of United Kingdom?