Australia initiate a vote to restrict the King Charles III their country and stop being part of the United Kingdom, they are going to do a referendum in 2025 to officially become a Republic.

With the death of the Queen isabel II, Australia is less and less interested in continuing to honor the controversial British succession, the central bank of this country has decided not to change the image of Queen Elizabeth II for the face of King Carlos III, instead they have decided to start tracing the culture and indigenous ancestors on their new banknotes and coins. Of course it will be a long and gradual process, but it will end up being carried out successfully according to experts on the subject.

One of the reasons why this important banking entity was able to make this decision may be due to the recent controversies and rumors that British royalty has been causing with their improper actions, disclosing behaviors that are not typical of a monarchy so old and whose influence covers almost the entire world.

On the other hand, this statement from the Australian central bank has sparked several movements against the crown, which little by little are gaining strength, which could reach threaten colonialist British influence in the country.