For many years, there have been rumors that the prince harry He’s not really the son of the King Carlos III, it is said that he is the son of one of the lovers who would have had the already deceased Diana Princess of Wales. However, these rumors have been denied despite the evidence, and in the memoir book that Harry will release in the coming days, his own father told him the truth about his paternity.

Although many find it hard to believe, King Carlos III clarified the rumors to Prince Harry by mocking. Yes, in that cold way he sarcastically told him that he was not his father, which made the boy feel bad. Duke of Sussex.

Meanwhile, it is said that Charles III he apparently enjoyed making these hurtful comments about Harry’s relationship to the military man. James Hewitt, lover Lady Di and the alleged true father of the Prince.

For many, these statements are surprising, since the attitude that King Carlos took is completely contradictory to the personality that he characterizes; an asocial, cold, contemptuous person and above all very delicate.

In a segment seen through the middle PageSix, the husband of Meghan Markle write the following:

“Dad had fun telling these stories and always ended up saying, who knows if I’m your real father, I’m not?

“Although he found the joke he was telling me funny, I was enraged by the rumors that were circulating about my mother and the alleged relationship with Major James Hewitt,” he stressed.

The truth of this is that the current monarch of the United Kingdom has made an appearance in the book of memories ‘Spire’, which will be released on January 10 and promises to further increase the controversy and internal problems that currently exist in the British royal family.