He King Charles IIIcurrent leader of United Kingdomhas been embroiled in a serious amount of rumors about his current tenure as the most powerful figure in the European monarchies.

And it is that with so little time left for his official coronation, on May 6, the successor to the English crown has been having too many difficulties within his family circle, counting the terrible relationship he has with his children and now adding the controversy that lives with his queen consort Camilla Parker Bowles.

Recently the wife of King Carlos III has been spoiling the plans of the head of the monarchy in recent weeks, with the issue of the coronationsince she does not want to be overshadowed and wants to be a protagonist in the important event, contrary to what is dictated by its protocol.

All of this has been filtering through the UK press and media, placing King Charles III in a difficult and stressful situation, since, as the main figure of the monarchy English must set an example of control and power in the UK and Europe.

On the contrary, everything has been getting out of hand for the King, and now he has become the «Make me laugh» in the history of British royalty.