Despite the difficulties that the members of the British royal family are going through and the serious internal crisis they are having, the King Carlos II he wants to make peace with his son. After the publication of the bookSpare«, Carlos III’s relationship with Harry and Meghan Markle has deteriorated sharply. the wife of The prince Harry He has yet to comment publicly after the revelations, while the Duke of Sussex has given several interviews to promote his book.

However the King Carlos II He wants his youngest son to be present at his official coronation on May 6. But he revealed that the The prince William He is the one who does not want to reconcile with his brother, because in his book, Harry gave very bad and negative opinions about him and Kate middleton. Therefore, the monarch would be making important decisions.

For this reason, Carlos III decided to make his last attempt to fix the situation, so he decided to attend church, met with the Archbishop of Canterbury, known from Harry Y Meghanto ask you to talk to them and to reconsider solving the problems, at least that day, since the King Carlos he will try to get his two sons to participate in the historic Coronation event.

The The prince Williamon the other hand, is not entirely happy with the idea that Meghan Markle and the The prince Harry attend the ceremony, as he feels that his brother could attract the attention of the guests and steal the limelight from the newly crowned king. However, Carlos III is completely determined that his two children spend the big day with him.

As for the coronation ceremony, everything is ready and the crown will be officially handed over on May 6, although just after the Death of Isabel II, his successor had to take over the government and get down to business. Now the monarch has fulfilled his duties and has made some decisions that will greatly change the relationship between royalty and the people.

Nothing that happened with the Duke of Sussex in recent months has prevented the rest of the royal family from continuing their official duties. All of them have appeared in public again, with very tight schedules and, although they have been questioned on more than one occasion, they have not publicly expressed their opinion about the book’s revelations.