King Charles III and Queen Camilla Parker posed with Belgian royalty

King Charles III and Queen Camilla Parker continue to carry out their busy schedule, being the official kings of the United Kingdom since May 6, the day their coronation was made official, so now the couple has met with the royalty of Belgium, in an event that allowed a good conversation between the leaders of each country.

The couple welcomed King Philip and Queen Mathilda of Belgium to England at the Berkshire residence after arriving for some Founder’s Day engagements and events.

According to The Daily Mail newspaper, the Belgian royal couple met in England with King Charles III and Queen Camilla Parker, to celebrate Founder’s Day, an event that takes place every year. since the Royal Hospital was inaugurated in 1692.

The official queen wore a blue floral-print dress, while the king opted to wear a navy blue suit. For her part, Queen Matilda wore a pink pleated dress, and King Philip wore an all-black suit. And just after the four leaders posed for a photograph, it has been uploaded to the official website of the British royal family.

With the photograph in which the four kings posed, the good relationship between them can be confirmed, taking into account that King Felipe is a distant cousin of the late Queen Elizabeth II, mother of King Carlos.

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