The King Charles III and his wife, the Queen consort Camilla Parker, They have decided to celebrate their daughter-in-law’s birthday Kate Middleton, who is Wale’s princess and wife of Prince William. But what has caught the attention of this celebration is that in reality it would be a mockery and a harsh indirect against Meghan Markle and the Prince Harry.

Despite the fact that the British royal family is currently under heavy attack from Prince Harry with his memoir ‘Spare’, the king Charles III has taken a space to celebrate the birthday of Kate Middleton, and in turn send a strong message against Meghan Markle and her youngest son.

The British monarch together with Camilla Parker have gone to celebrate the birthday of the Princess of Wales in style, making it clear that she is his favorite daughter-in-law and the one who will have all the royal rights that perhaps the two children of the Dukes of Sussex lose because of the rivalry that exists.

As many of us know, one of the main complaints of Meghan towards the British crown was precisely that treatment or those actions that she considered “contemptuous” and that were done solely because she would never have the level of acceptance that she has Kate within the royal family.

The truth of this is that the king charles Y Camilla Parker They have once again sent a message to the other side of the world, a place that is not willing to stop the attacks until all members of the British royal family agree to ask them for a public apology for the bad times they experienced while within the monarchy.

Prince Harry’s memoir will be released tomorrow, but various media have managed to access various texts and have confirmed that the prince william and Kate Middleton are the most splashed and harmed within it.