He King Charles IIIwho on May 6 will be crowned as the new monarch of the United Kingdomwas criticized for acting childish and spoiled, after attacking his son, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The tension that has been experienced for a few months in the British Crown, becomes much more intense after King Carlos III has made a ban on his own son, which also entails the future of the American actress Meghan Markle and the two children the couple currently has.

All this, apparently as revenge for the dark statements that the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess have been making in their series of Netflixand in the publication of the autobiography book «Spare«, in which the most disturbing secrets of the members of the monarchy are exposed.

According to the official source of the Palace of Buckinghamthe next monarch prohibited his own son from the use of the cabin he would have in the United Kingdom, Frogmore Cottagewhich would be the last home that the prince has in the country, and which was a gift from Queen Elizabeth II for his wedding.

His actions are due to the fact that, in addition to considering his son as a controversial person, he has preferred to give up the use of his cabin to the the prince Andrewso that the spouses finally live a full life in state Joinedafter they announced their resignation from royalty.

Clearly, the issue has generated endless comments criticizing King Carlos III, for his childish behavior in taking away a property that was a gift from his son. The issue could bother the people much more, who have already come out to protest against the monarch.