The expected coronation of King Charles IIIwhich is scheduled for May 6, is generating controversy over the news about the attendance of the prince harry and Meghan Markle. Although a palace source confirms that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be invited, another source close to them says they have not yet been given a formal invitation.

Relations between the Sussexes and the royal family have been strained since the publication of Harry’s book last month called “Spare.” In an interview, Harry expressed the desire to resolve differences with the royal family before his coronation. However, a close source says that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex want an agreement and an apology from the royal family, which will be difficult to achieve due to the attacks that he has made on them.

He king charlesFor his part, he wants the situation to calm down for his coronation and that his son, the prince harry, be present to witness it. A source close to the royal household stressed the importance of family unity to the king, saying it would be terrible for his reputation as his father if the family were separated during his reign.

Despite the tensions, monarchy experts such as Robert Lacey and Sally Bedell Smith they highlight the royal family’s ability to come together for a greater cause. In the past, events such as the Platinum Jubilee and the funerals of the Queen isabel II and the Prince Philip They have shown that the family can overcome their personal problems.

The coronation, according to experts, will be an opportunity to demonstrate that «the monarchy is bigger than any family argument.”