King Charles has asked the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the prince harry and Meghan Marklethat they evict Frogmore Cottage to allow Prince Andrew to occupy the house, as reported by “the sun” and other British media. Talks between Buckingham Palace and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex began in early January, coinciding with the publication of the monarch’s son’s book, and these talks have intensified recently.

The cause of this eviction, as reported by “The Telegraph“, is he prince andrewwho since the end of 2019 was removed from any public activity representing the British monarchy due to his relationship with the deceased American Jeffrey Epstein. In addition, as of April of this year, the Duke of York will stop receiving his annual monetary aid and for this reason he would not have to maintain his current residence in Windsor.

Prince Andrew is considered the great problem inherited by Carlos III, who has eliminated the possibility that the prince andrew or the prince harry can replace him in his public presentations in case of illness or when he is abroad.

Frogmore Cottage is the house in which he prince harry and Meghan decided to make their lives as members of the British royal family, but now they will have to evict it so that Prince Andrew can occupy it.

The news of the eviction of the Dukes of Sussex comes at a time when their popularity is on the ground and 66 days after the coronation of Carlos III. The Coronation is a tradition with 900 years of history and this time it will take place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey.