He king charleswho is about to be crowned Britain’s new monarch, is reportedly envious of Kate Middletonthis for his popularity and his ability to earn the love and respect of the British public.

According to sources close to the Royal Family, the king charles he has expressed his envy towards Kate in private, mentioning that he would like to have the same ability to connect with people that she has.

An anonymous source from a British newspaper said:

King Charles has been reflecting a lot on his role as monarch and has come to the conclusion that the key to maintaining the support of the British people is to be loved and respected by them.

He admires Kate for her ability to do it, and has privately expressed that he would like to have the same kind of connection with people.

The popularity of Kate Middletonwho is the wife of prince william since 2011, it has been on the rise since entering the Royal Family. The Duchess has been praised for her grace, her style and her dedication to charitable causes.

Meanwhile, the king charles he has struggled to earn the trust and respect of the British public for much of his life, and has been criticized at times for his behavior and opinions.

Despite this, Carlos seems to be determined to follow in the footsteps of Kate and do whatever it takes to connect with the British people and earn their love and respect during his reign.