paul burrellthe former butler of the British royal family, has revealed in a recent interview with the newspaper «the sun«, some details of his relationship with the King Charles III, as well as some secrets of his private life. According to Burrell, the tension between him and the monarch began when he told the princess Lady Di about the love affairs of the then Prince Charles with Camilla Parker.

The butler related that during an argument, the King Charles III he was violent and threw a book at her when he asked her to lie for him. Burrell stated that she thought at the time “This is the man who will one day be king. he hasn’t changed”. In addition, Burrell revealed some of the monarch’s whims, such as having his toothpaste ready on the brush every morning, ironing his shoelaces so they can make a perfect bow, ironing his pajamas every morning, and regulating the temperature of the water in the bathroom. His bathroom.

Burrell’s interview has caused a stir in the UK, especially among royal supporters, who see Burrell as an important figure in the history of the British monarchy. Some commentators believe that the butler’s revelations could seriously affect the image of the King Charles III and the royal family in general.

For its part, Buckingham Palace has not commented on Burrell’s remarks. However, some royal experts believe that the fact that a former butler is speaking out about the private life of the royal family could be detrimental to his image and that of the monarchy in general.