He King Carlos III, Hand in hand with British royalty, he would be plotting a plan whose purpose is to hide all the huge scandal that has caused the rumors of infidelity of the prince william toward Kate Middleton. All this, with only a few months to go before the official coronation as the new King of the United Kingdom.

He prince harry I was right? Well, it seems so, since it is predicted that King Carlos III has a plan up his sleeve whose purpose is to silence all the news that talks about the rumors of infidelity and separation between the Princes of Wales.

The media that are being affected are primarily the British; from the sun until the mirror, each one of them, and hundreds of others, have deleted all their news regarding the scandalous subject.

This plan would have a person in charge, and it would be the monarch himself, who would have used a tool that prohibits the media from his country to talk about some issues that come from top figures of the nation.

What we can confirm at this time is that the English media have not spoken about the issue again. And as it is spoken in networks, the british justice would have been forced by royalty to run the aforementioned tool.

The eldest son of the deceased Queen Isabel II He knows that this scandal could overshadow his official coronation as the new monarch, so he would have had no choice but to force the courts to silence the media on the respective issue.

And you, what other plan do you think the King Charles III to hide the controversy prince william and Kate Middleton?