Recently, the response of the prince harry to the invitation of his father to attend his coronation this May 6 in the westminster abbeya prestigious British media would have assured that Prince Harry was deceived by his father with the role that his youngest son would present at the coronation.

Prince Harry accepted the invitation to the coronation of King Carlos III, which after all the controversies it generated revealing information from the royal family, he did not expect to receive an invitation from his father, who, according to experts, had given him the opportunity to redeem yourself and make peace with the British crown, but now, rumors are coming to light that to convince his son the king would have given him an important role in the ceremony, a position that the king would decide to change just a few days before the coronation.

Now, media close to Buckingham Palace have revealed that Prince Harry will be taking a position away from the royal family, where he won’t even have a chance to cross words with his brother, Prince William. This has been pointed out by royal fans as a move dirty by the monarch.

Although it is only rumors, since this information has not yet been confirmed by any official institution of the royals, we will still be able to see the king’s youngest son at the coronation, as it was previously mentioned that Prince Harry would fulfill his duty as a son, and would be present on the most important day for his father.