In the midst of all the controversy that is going on at the moment, the King Charles III would be making scandalous decisions regarding the rumors that have been taking place between a possible divorce between Kate middleton and his son the Prince William. But what would be drawing attention is the possible expulsion of the Princess of Wales from the british royalty, something that the current monarch would be taking very seriously.

The drama that is experienced in the British crown due to rumors of infidelity and separation between Prince William and Kate Middleton, continue to wreak havoc on the image of the Royal family.

It is because of this situation, that the King Charles III could choose to expel the Wale’s princess of royalty, if a divorce with the future monarch of that European country is confirmed.

Meanwhile, the rules middleton must comply, ranging from a limited pension to losing all real rights and titles if he were to get divorced from William. Their children could also lose some benefits, but this would already be part of their individual desires to want to continue being part of royalty.

The princes of wales They have not issued any statement on the controversial issue they are going through. However, the royal family has already taken a measure to try to stop the controversy, since they have taken the legal and power path to make the media British stop publishing content on the subject.

For this reason, no tabloid in that country continued to speak about the wave of rumors, despite the fact that in other parts of the world they continue to talk about the subject and all the evidence that led to the controversy.

And you, what decision do you think the King Charles III Regarding the rumors of separation between Kate Middleton and the prince william