He King Charles III of the United Kingdom, is once again in the eye of the hurricane and at the center of criticism from public opinion, since his possible position regarding the alleged infidelity that the prince william and kate middleton has everyone waiting for a possible response from the monarch. However, a rumor has been spreading that the King is actually trying to hide and support his eldest son.

According to several sources close to the royal family, King Carlos III would be accepting the infidelity of his eldest son, since at this time he does not want him to continue setting up a scandal that could affect his official coronation, which is scheduled for May 6.

However, the public eye is already aware of what is happening, so the intentions of the monarch to try to avoid the controversy, they would not be effective.

For its part, the public also considers it “reprehensible” that the eldest son of the deceased Queen isabel II allow Prince William to date two women at once; his alleged lover Rose Hanbury, and his wife and mother of his three children, the Wale’s princess Kate Middleton.

The news of the possible separation of the Princes made so much noise that the King he would have given the order that the British media stop publishing news about the huge scandal. But despite his attempts, the rumor continues to spread throughout the planet earth.

Since the controversy was discussed, the old photos were revived where the future King of the United Kingdom sharing with Hanbury at a private party. Let us remember that the English noblewoman was one of the best friends of kate middleton and since the photos were released, their friendship has ended, and their ties to royalty have also completely ended.

And you, what do you think of the position of the King Charles III regarding the possible lover of the prince william?