The controversial monarch cares more and more about the subject of his coronationwhich is only a few months away from happening, and for him it is essential to exceed all the expectations of the important event.

He King Charles IIIalthough he already confirmed that he will respect the traditions of the british monarchydecided to “modernize” these celebrations a bit, and has proposed to have a coronation that has nothing to do with his late mother the Queen isabel IIFor this, Buckingham Palace has been involved under pressure from the monarch, and it has been decided that he will not use the precious and historic throne that his mother used.

«Coronation Chair in St George’s Chapel» is the relic that has more than a thousand years of history in English royalty, a throne on which the current King of the United Kingdom will not sit, since the monarch has asked to use a new throne of his choice, and thus, that respect your royal right which states that “Each monarch may have his own chair.”

On May 6 of this year, King Carlos III and his wife, the Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles They will be crowned following the usual royal protocol, where the King will be seated at a slightly higher elevation than the Queen, in the westminster abbey in front of more than 3 thousand people. In this way, fulfilling the monarch’s demands to avoid being overshadowed by his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.