As we all know, the King Charles III has been harassed by the Spanish media since he met Camilla Parker while I was with Lady Disince a few months after the death of the Wale’s princess, officially announced his relationship and marriage to the queen consort.

But despite all their years together, the King Charles III may face problems at the time of her coronation, since the belief that the eldest son of the deceased Queen Isabel he was unfaithful to Lady Di it could lead to a constitutional crisis, says a royal expert, as the Church of England has never before crowned a divorced man.

As a result, the coronation of the King Charles III it could be annulled for adultery years ago, with dire consequences for his reign now. the actual author, anthony holdensaid that the divorce with the Princess Diana, sparked a backlash after learning the monarch had begun an affair with camilla parker.

the royal biographer anthony holden has said that he The prince from Welsh admitted to being unfaithful to Diana, since when asked if he had been faithful in a documentary about his life, he said: «Yes. Until he finally said, we both tried«.

In this sense, the author anthony holden now argues that the confession of infidelity of the king charles may have caused a constitutional crisis.

The Church of England has never crowned a divorced man king, much less publicly exposed for his infidelity to his ex-wife, Princess Diana.

So, given Parliament’s practice of not debating the monarchy without the sovereign’s consent, this would require the Prime Minister to seek confirmation from the King Carlos III, which would create a constitutional crisis and create a new statute for Parliament.