He Buckingham Palace and the King Charles III They have begun the search for new personnel to be in charge of collecting and filing the information and secrets of the former Queen of England.

As we know, the English monarchy is one of the most important and one of the strongest and best structured in the world, british royal house is well known for its excellent organization and exemplary protocols, and they have decided to keep the life of the Queen isabel II.

For this reason, 5 months after the death of the previous English monarch, King Carlos III has authorized the recruitment of personnel, which will focus exclusively on the collection and subsequent filing of the documents and more information about his late mother.

For Buckingham Palace it will not be an easy job, since the reign of Elizabeth II was one of the longest in the entire history of British royalty, also witnessing many important changes and events in the world. United Kingdom and the world.

According to the English media, this operation will be carried out under a strong demand for confidentiality by all employees who come to work in this new department of “intelligence” of British royalty.