He King Charles III of the United Kingdom, is not complying with the wishes of his deceased mother and is acting forcefully against his brother on Prince Andrew. And it is that the new monarch considers that the scandal of abuse and child trafficking of his younger brother is an issue that only downplays the royal family.

For several years, Prince Andrés has seen how his image and reputation have been completely destroyed based on the accusations he has of sexual abuse and trafficking of minors, linked to the case of the pedophile. Jeffrey Epstein.

For this reason, royalty tried to protect him to a certain extent, helped by his mother Queen isabel II. However, as time passed, the scandal became much more notorious, and his family had no choice but to strip him of his royal titles and benefits.

When his older brother seized power in the british Monarchy, things got worse for him, since apart from having been completely expelled from the Buckingham Palace, King Carlos III would be working secretly with the authorities, to make way for his arrest or the eventual sentence he would be facing for his crimes.

The truth of all this is that Carlos III is acting mercilessly against his brother. He monarch he knows very well that the royal family will be greatly affected if they continue to support his brother and help him financially.

The investigations that were carried out in the case of Jeffrey Epstein, made it possible to obtain various pieces of evidence that harmed the Prince. One of them, a photo of him with one of the victims, a girl who was 17 years old at her time and would have been taken to serve the Duke of York as a lady-in-waiting.

And you, do you agree with the position that the King Charles III with his brother Prince Andrew?