He King Charles III could celebrate what would be the last coronation of all time, according to what several experts related to the subject have analyzed.

The coronation of King Carlos III took place yesterday, May 6, at the Westminster Abbeyr, to which more than 2000 guests attended to see Carlos III and his wife blessed and crowned Camilla Parker.

After its celebration several experts have met to talk about the subject, and real experts declared to the media Express UKthat constitutional and monarchical professionals have affirmed that the king started a trend with which he seeks his successor to reduce the ceremony much more.

The ceremony prior to this, which was of the Queen isabel IIand without a doubt it was possible to show that he had many more guests and more eccentricities than King Carlos has done, it was stated that more than 7000 people attended the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II while the king reduced more than half of the percentage of these.

Dr. Robert Morris asserted that the prince william He would probably follow in his father’s footsteps and seek to further reduce the ceremony, or failing that, eliminate it entirely: «It seems very likely that William would prefer his father’s coronation style if, that is, he would like a coronation.«, «We are the only European monarchy that still has a coronation, and William and/or the government of the day (which controls the monarchy) can decide for any reason that coronation day is over«.

For his part he Dr Prescott he claimed: “It could be that this is the last coronation of its kind, that Prince William’s coronation could be even simpler and stripped down compared to this one, which, itself, is a stripped down version of 1953.«.