The King Charles III recently announced that through an act he will break an important protocol required by royalty, as a member prepares for his coronation ceremony.

The monarch hopes to be crowned next May 6, 2023, and would be the new one in charge of the throne and of issuing orders in royalty, after the Queen isabel II died in the year 2022.

Apparently it is already having its own laws and is doing everything in its own way in this new stage. According to important magazines, the monarch is completely moving away from the traditions in the royal family.

According to page six, the new king will modify a couple of things that for years were a strong tradition. Previously the crowned tended to wear high stockings and silk pants, but the king will wear a more avant-garde suit.

The King Charles III He has preferred to use a military uniform in order to represent a new monarchy, a monarchy very much in keeping with the century XXI. «His top advisors think those silk pants look too old-fashioned.“Said the medium, so it is expected that he will use more current clothing.

We will see the monarch’s new clothing from next May 6thin the coronation that will take place in the westminster abbeyin front of several members of the royal family.