A few months before the coronation ceremony, the King Charles III has begun to improve the details of the ceremony, which promises to be unique and unprecedented, since it is going to break some of the oldest royal protocols of the family and one of them will be its clothing.

According to the newspaperthe sun“, the King Charles III He ordered to stop the family tradition that they have been carrying for centuries and thus avoid wearing silk socks and underwear. Instead, the King plans to wear a military uniform at the ceremony on May 6 at Westminster Abbey.

A source revealed:

Senior advisers think the breeches look too old-fashioned.

The king wants his coronation to represent modern 21st century royalty, so he decided not to wear old-fashioned underwear and stockings.

Although the King Charles III At the beginning, he intended to wear the clothing that his grandfather and great-grandfather wore at the coronation, in the end he decided to replace the outdated historical attire with a military uniform, which will undoubtedly mark a future for his successor.

The monarch is expected to arrive dressed in the admiral’s uniform he wore to the inauguration of Parliament in May 2022. At the ceremony, he will also wear ermine fur and wear the Imperial State Crown and the St Edward’s Crown.

Until now, the final list of guests for the coronation of King Carlos III has not been revealed, however, it is believed that more than 200 people will attend the ceremony at the Westminster Abbey. Apart from that, the event will be televised and broadcast on the Internet, so millions of people will be able to enjoy this historical event from the comfort of their home.