The scandal that left the relationship between the current King Charles III of the United Kingdom and the deceased Diana Princess of Wales, It continues to be a topic that generates much controversy in public opinion. And now, the possible humiliations he suffered have been revealed Lady Di in bed by the monarch.

through the book ‘The King: The Life of Charles III’, which was launched on November 8 of last year, tells a controversial story of how King Carlos III humiliated Lady Di so as not to have relations with her.

Christopher Andersen, The legitimate author of the book, recounts how the iconic Princess Diana came to have a large number of lovers who filled the enormous void that Carlos III caused for his enormous indifference and contempt.

The rejection of now King of the United Kingdom, It caused Diana to feel a deep depression, which she tried to cope with by getting numerous lovers.

A source close to British royal family, ensures that Lady Di she literally chased her husband down the halls, up the stairs, and from room to room of their residence, asking him to have sex. However, Carlos III ceased to maintain intimacy with the Princess from the birth of the prince harry in the year 1994.

But the most scandalous part of the book, and which recounts one of the worst moments, was a cruel and sarcastic response from Carlos to Diana, who told him the following to stop him asking for privacy:

“I don’t know dear, I think (I) might be gay.”

And you, what do you think about the deplorable rejection that the King Charles III I had the Princess Diana?