He King Charles III He was seen very upset and frustrated, moments before his coronation began, there are rumors that the current monarch does not want to carry out his work in a good way.

The coronation of King Carlos III and his wife the Queen Camilla Parker was carried out last May 6th in the westminster abbeythis great event would be one of the most important for the United Kingdom current, since they witnessed a historical event, since they did not have a coronation for a long time. 74 years when she was crowned Queen isabel II.

Due to the size of the importance of the event, many things seemed to matter to King Carlos III who wanted everything to be carried out perfectly, so months before his coronation he began rehearsals so that everything would go well, but when the long awaited day King Carlos III was captured very frustrated a few moments before starting the event.

the website of Daily Mail commented that the expert in lip reading, Jacqui PressI study the videos of King Carlos III when he spoke with his wife inside the carriage in front of the abbey, «we can never be on time«, «we can never be on time. Yes… This is negative. There’s always something“, were the comments of the monarch according to the expert, since not everything was going according to plan due to climate change that delayed the exposed schedule for the coronation and the late arrival of some royal members.

Some followers of the monarchs are a bit concerned, since they do not believe that these were the words of King Carlos III, due to the fact that at first glance and in the first impressions it can be seen that the current monarch was very serious, as if anticipating that he wanted to give up and no longer work for the long-awaited crown.