The prince william became a trend thanks to a strong confrontation he had with his father, the King Carlos III, at New Year’s dinner, for this reason, like his younger brother, the Prince Harry, both stay away from their father.

The British royal family has been plagued by conflict for many years, but all of this was controlled by the late Queen isabel II, who was in charge of keeping all the conflicts between the family members under control, however, since her departure the palace has been in total chaos since the confrontation of william against Carlos.

Although he has not yet been crowned in front of the British, Charles III He is the new king, but his situation is very tense because the relationship with his children is not good at the moment, adding to that that William and Harry are not on good terms with him.

As reported by the portal «earth«, the prince william and the King Charles III they were tense at the New Year’s Eve dinner, which was supposed to be a time to share with the family.

As mentioned above, the prince harry He has also had a violent dispute with his father, and now the prince william has vented his displeasure with Charles III and it all seems to be for the same reason, the comments made towards Meghan Markle.

It is known that the prince william He is the direct heir to the British royal family, so a rift between father and son could cause serious problems for the royal family.

Although it is not surprising the distance between the King Charles III Y Harry Due to the latter’s attacks, William’s situation seems to be more complicated, since the eldest son always attached great importance to family tradition and the code of the monarchy.