The controversy and suspense that exists in social networks around what the king charles II would be doing Kate Middleton after the scandal in case possible separation with the Prince William, The theory has been opened and the reasons why the monarch would be expelling the Princess of Wales from the family real british.

Since the rumors of an alleged infidelity committed by the Prince William, Social networks have been very aware of what is going to happen with the marriage, since as some know, both are the heirs to the throne of the crown.

After this, the rumor spread that the King Charles III could choose to expel Kate from the royal family if he were to divorce his eldest son, the reasons range from royal protocols to economic interests. However, there would also be another reason why the monarch would be expelling her from her family. Which is it?

The answer is simple but forceful; Kate Middleton could steal a lot of prominence and support from the public. If the infidelity were to be confirmed (of which there are photos of William and Rose Hanbury together since 2019) the Prince’s reputation would collapse. And because he is the future King of the nation, a great rejection of the british monarchy.

He King He is very intelligent and knows the danger that this brings to his kingdom, so he is not going to bow down to any member to lose his family’s legacy. The British media have stopped talking about infidelity, but the rest of the world is aware of everything that may happen.

For her part, the Wale’s princess It has been seen in recent days as if nothing was happening, we all know Kate’s personality, in the face of any drama she will remain calm and will not use it to make a scandal or attract attention.

And you, what do you think he can do? King Charles III with Kate Middleton?