King Carlos III and Camilla Parker are going to be crowned in 3 months, specifically on May 6, in a ceremony attended by 3000 people. The Coronation will take place at Westminster Abbey and the new Monarch has already declared that he will make changes that are very significant to the family, but one of them recently came to light, which has generated a lot of controversy in the networks, because Apparently the King does not want to know much about his mother at his Coronation.

King Carlos does not want to be overshadowed by his late mother and that is why he is willing to make the necessary changes so that the attendees and the people who will see the Coronation via Streaming focus only on him and his wife.

The decision of Carlos and Camilla Parker was to change the iconic throne, which was used on more than one occasion in the family, but they have decided to release new ones, which they would have already had done.

This is a forceful decision by King Carlos, since the throne is a historical piece and is part of the tradition of the royal family, but apparently the monarch liked the suggestions of using new ones more.

The decision has been highly criticized in the networks and by the press, since it is about the throne of his late mother, which is why many Britons have not liked the decision that the King has decided to make, however, it is known that changing thrones is a royal right, so he can do this with no problem.